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Little Tiny Blessings...

*When Pekoe was a kitten, we gave her a little palm sized stuffed animal monster-thing to keep her company in the basket when she slept. It became her "baby", and she used to drag it around the house with her like a security blanket - we even taught her to catch it when we tossed it in the air. Joe and I noticed we kept finding it, face down, in the dry cat food right around dinner time lately. We finally figured out she's feeding it! How sweet is that? She's letting her baby eat! She even drags it by the bottom of our door where she sleeps so it can "sleep" with her.

*A hummingbird landed in the tree outside our window yesterday. Honest to goodness, a real hummingbird!

*I got a big bucket of sidewalk chalk on sale.


SN Questionaire (For my Bpal.org Ninjas)



Generally describe yourself in a paragraph (or more!):


So where can I go to glean creepy amounts of information about you, outside of the forum? Myspace, Livejournal, Facebook, etc?:

Where can I find a pic of you, if possible?:

What are your sizes in clothes, shoes, wrists, ankles, eyeballs, etc?:

Hair color and type:


Eye Color?:

Anything else you'd like to add?


I enjoy the taste of:

I loooove the smell of:

My favorite color is:

My favorite season is:

My favorite animal(s) is/are:

Do I like coffee? How much?

Do I like Tea? How much?

Anything else you'd like to add?


I am allergic to or absolutely cannot have the following:

I hate the taste of:

I hate the smell of:

I dislike the color(s):

My least favorite season is:

Any fads/current event-type things that make you go "blegh!" and quickly change the channel?

Anything else you'd like to add?


I do the following crafty things:

I would love enabling/materials for:

Anything else you'd like to add?


So where do you get your soaps?:

Mmhm. And your candles?:

And how do you like your glitter? Absent, minimal, or OMFGlitter?

Do you have a codependent relationship with your socks, scarves, or other adornments?

If you could obnoxiously plaster everything around you with tiny, unremovable stickers, what would be on them?

How many cats do you have?:

-A.) Would you like toys for them?:

-B.) What do you mean you don't have cats? Go out and get some! Right now!

-C.) You have other pets? Well, alright I guess. What are they?:

Would you consider yourself an enthusiast of Goth, Victoriana, Steampunk, Techno, etc cultures?

Anything else you'd like to add?


I shop here a lot:

I have wishlist(s) here:

My ideal box would have some:

Favorite Movies?

Favorite Bands/Songs?


Teevee shows?

Would I like to be introduced to new media things, or am I cool with what I have right now?

Anything else you'd like to add?

Summer days..

So, since I last wrote:

-I got food poisoning. From a can of freaking soup. Pasta Fagoli, even! There's not even any meat in it! I'm better now, but having your body lose hydration rapidly through *any* medium is unpleasant...some moreso than others.

-I discovered I heart Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. If you haven't seen it, three reasons you ought to are that Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Houser, to the laypersons) and Felicia Day (the girl from the Cheetos Underground commercials) have beautiful duets, the whole thing is goofy and poignant, Capt. Mal from Firefly plays the "bad" guy, and Joss Whedon wrote the thing. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Okay, that's four reasons, but it deserves it.

-Joey and I are quite near to our five year anniversary (August 1st, matter-o-fact).

-I think we're going to have the wedding at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope, next fall. I feel like I'm solving a messed-up clue game backwards...I have the person, the verb, and the place, but I'm missing the how?

-Open up aol radio , hit the listen now at the top, and look under "eclectic" for the nature sounds station. Then go to Pandora and type in "Feist" as the artist to kick it off, and listen to both of these music players on half volume, it is an AWESOME background to the day. I've been doing it since I worked for the insurance company a few years back. 

-Thanks Miranda and Sabrina for your help and support while I hit yet another rough, food-poisoned patch in this incredibly strange life-o-mine.

:* to everyone. Fall's coming soon, and once I'm back in the correct damn season, I can set stuff right again. Stupid summer and it's lack of decent grain-based harvests.

-Fox, the misplaced Autumn goddess who misses her grapes.

Found my phone...

At least a bit of good news, anyway. My cell phone likes to take vacations every once in awhile to shrug off the pressures of doing what it was created to do. I know a vacation is looming when it starts losing signal - it begins by vanishing for a day or so, presumably to check out the resort it's considering, and then taking a solid week (sometimes more) off. usually, it shuts itself off en route, leaving only a low battery boop in its wake. It doesn't like to be disturbed on vacation, and thus has taken to seeking out more and more exotic locales to duck work.

So, I made soup the day before yesterday, and I am unusually fond of it. My mom always made stew when I was a kid, but she always threw neck bones and beef bits and god knows what else in there to "flavor" the soup. I can see the merits of it, but there's also much to be said to taking a spoon of soup in one's mouth without having to scrutinize it first. Mine are always chock full of veggies, and I've taken to starting with a water base instead of a broth one to more accurately catch the flavors of the vegetables.

I like my new job, but I gotta get crackin on it - been a bit lethargic. I have to go to the doctor and get poked and prodded as soon as I have money to do so. I strongly suspect I have the onset of diabetes, and I'm just hoping it's reversible.


If my blog looks boring to you...

It's cause I have a lot of personal stuff going on, so most of my current entries are friend-locked. If you want to be added to the list of people able to read up on my drama, drop me a line.

In a completely unrelated sidenote, I HATE the phrase "Grow your business". I hear it constantly and it makes me want to punch things. "We're tapping into synergy to grow our company". GROW ISN'T MEANT TO BE USED LIKE THAT, GOD DAMNIT. You make a business grow, you do not grow a business. Are you starting it from scratch? NO. You can not "grow" something that already exists, because then you'd be implying it does not exist, and you are thereby starting something already in existence. 

So stop using it incorrectly America, or I swear I'm going to start busting some fuckin heads. Seriously. 

Also, take the acronyms out of your employee handbooks before the whole of the grunt workforce of society throws a mutiny.


Worse news.

I'm posting very quickly from a courtesy computer at the hotel, but Joey's Father suffered a major stroke in his brainstem on wednesday afternoon. It's a very emotional time for all of us, and the prognosis isn't yet clear - he is prone in bed with a breathing tube and has to communicate by moving his eyes right now. He can move his right leg, right arm, and left leg a little bit, so that is good - they also don't see any blood clots in the scan tests, which is also good. He is very lucid and understands everything, but can't talk because of the tube and paralysis.

Please keep him in your thoughts.


I had a job offer. It was $14 (What I'm making now after the anti-raise) and a block away, started an hour later, offered health insurance, and seemed like it was at the command of a really decent guy.

So, I agreed, and gave my two weeks at work.

Proceed to crying jags, violent indecision, anger, remorse, and all the rest of those myriad steps-o-loss, and I ended up backing out a week later from a future in sportsgear and sticking with dildos.

The logic in me is -headdesking- for lots of reasons, not the least of which that I work for crazy-ass freaking russians, can't tell my grandmother what I do for a living, they took money away and gave me more work, and there's no raise or insurance, or better business in sight.

So why am I relatively tranquil with my choice?

Hey, I like sex toys, I'm not going to lie. I like knowing that I'm spreading carnal joy. The words I write eventually lead to orgasms by the thousands, and really, how many other people can say that? Plus they're letting me work from home a few days a week and that kind of rocks hardcore.

It wouldn't kill me to stay at a job for more than a year. Sometimes the evil you know is better than the potential evil you don't.



1.) I lost a wheel, then got in a car accident. 

- in January, I was merrily driving along home from work and the right front tire felt the need to declare formal independence from the rest of my car while I was going a good 40 miles an hour around a turn. My Grand Am is, alas, no more, as the damage was absolute...I was lucky I managed to stop without something stopping me first. 

- Right before Valentine's, during a blizzard, some idiot in the opposite lane of traffic was going too fast, slammed on his breaks, spun his car a full circle and gracefully came to a forceful stop against the side of my car. I got annoyed, a crease down the left side of the car, and $1800 from his insurance company. Being that we only paid $1200 for the car in the first place, plus the fact it's still perfectly driveable and didn't need a salvage title, actually sort of worked in our favor.

 2.) Joey got laid off.

- after five weeks of not being paid, everyone at his job finally had enough and walked out. Month and a half of legalish battles later, he finally got his back pay and unemployment besides. We're fiscally sound, sorta...we should make it for the time being without too much issue. He doesn't have a new job yet, but he's working two days a week for a branch of the company he worked for before, except this guy actually pays him.

3.) We got a new car.

- Joey found it on craigslist and I think he would have 'sploded if I didn't sigh and nod when he wanted it. It's a nice car, a 98 Grand Prix...it's pretty much a white-paint version of the black-paint one he gave up to buy the truck and secretly regretted ever since. He's terribly happy over it, and who am I to say no? We used the money from the insurance to get it. Meanwhile I'm driving around a dented car that was so frighteningly gigantic to me (and still is) I immediately vetoed it when it was given to me as a birthday present...but who's counting? ;)

4.) I got an...anti-raise?

- So, my job isn't doing well, apparently. The biz in general, that is. Sooo...right about the time I would have started sniffing for a raise (May, I'll be there a year), they call everyone in and announce pay cuts. Yep, you heard that right. I started here at $14, worked my everloving ass off and put in at least an hour every single day of extra work I never asked to be paid for (in all seriousness and honesty, literally an hour *every day*), got a buck an hour raise four months later, and proceeded to work the holy crap out of myself continually, and here it is six months later and I not only don't get rewarded, I get my pay cut. To add blistering insult to injury, my co-worker (who, while a lovely girl, is of the sort to talk on her cell phone instead of working, while I do my job AND hers to make sure things are in order) only got cut .50 an hour, whereas I took a buck. 

I work harder, I do more, I care more, and I understand and solve more, yet here I am with less money. So, I've pretty much decided I'm leaving. When or how isn't determined yet, but I see the way they treat employees of several years, and it's no better than they treat me. I'm not going to hang around and be a lifer because I'm afraid of the deep end, or worse, let myself get kicked around until they decide it's no fun using me for financial entertainment anymore.

5.) Morale is, in general, fairly poor.

- I'm trying to turn it around, of course. Joey and I bought plants for the garden, which gives me a little happiness, and we've organized and started to sell all the eBay items I've accumulated over the years...no small feat, but decidedly a financially rewarding one. I've tried to reach out and make friends with people, but it hasn't worked so far. I want someone who listens to NPR in the morning and watches jeopardy, but still thinks Dane Cook is funny.  I want a soulmate, only a friend version instead of a romantic one. I have all this tea and all this friendship just sitting here, gathering dust. :-/


Still kickin..

I know I haven't written in awhile...not too much to relay.

1.) Engaged life = regular life with "bling". We're getting along great, but then, we were before. Now we just have a wedding we can't arrord looming over us somewhere in the distant future, and I have a really pretty sparkling thing on my hand that's constantly distracting me from daily tasks to stare at the incredible sparklies dancing in it.

2.) The wheel fell off my car. While I was driving. My little shitkicker grand-am is due to be towed to it's final resting place today. This makes me sad. We had lots of good times together. I am glad it did not kill me in it's final moments as a four-wheeled vehicle before it went all 50MPH tricycle on my ass.

3.) I finally pulled Joey into doing eBay with me. We're making phat l00t. Well, doing reasonably well, anyway.

4.) Joey's getting laid off next week most likely, because his work, as previously stated, is a bunch of douchey douchebags who don't know how to run a business and have run said business into the ground like a British Airways flight. I may be losing my job in the next 6 months or so, because they make weird and ineffective movements with the business that seem, at least to me, to be spelling out disaster in flaming semaphore, with a full orchestra playing taps in the background. We've already laid off a bunch of people, and done so much belt-tightening we're running the risk of bringing corsetting back into style.

5.) I heart all of you guys. I'm a lousy friend for vanishing as often as I do. :-/


P.s. - A happy B-day to the great Jeff Mach. 


  ....good things really do come to those who wait.