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Fox Mackenzie
16 September 1982
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I'm Fox. I'm 26 years old, knee-deep in the herb-garden maternality of the September 16th Virgo that I am, and full of New Jersey, both Cape May of my birth and Monmouth County of the parts after that. I'm a dyed redhead, blind without my glasses, and wear curves like a fertility goddess. I feel like I'm asleep until the autumn comes, food is best when cooked for many, and that I will never be poor in anything as long as I have enough to share.

I identify as pagan, and I work hard not to judge others while making myself a better person each day. I love mythology and folk tales, song and music, and all things yummy that come from the kitchen. I am kind, I am caring, I am loyal. No drama, please. Thank you.

I also have an overfed and nonplussed rabbit, Cassie, and two "Tea" cats...both stray tabbies we got as babies by finding them in various backyards by chance - Pekoe, our older girl, and Darjeeling, our little boy: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I like weaving garlands out of grapevines, singing to the sea in the twilight, dancing near a fire, and embracing a thunderstorm with open arms. I believe in magic, I believe in the gathering, and, if you are a good person, I believe in you.


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